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As more and more banks and e-payment companies work towards the wider use of cashless transactions, clients continue to look for the best way to move their money around. Would they stick to the usual branch-based transactions, or is it time to make a change?

Let us help you decide. In today’s blog post, we will be talking about PESONet, an electronic fund transfer service (EFTS) managed by the PESONET Automated Clearing House (ACH) under the auspices of Philippine Payments Management Inc. (PPMI).

PESONet is a service that allows the digital movement of funds. It supports bulk and non-time sensitive payment transactions. To help you remember PESONet’s functions, remember the acronym BUNS:

1. BU for BULK – PESONet allows bulk payments of high value from one account to another, or even from one account to multiple ones. The transfers are processed by batch, and the payee will receive the transferred amount in full.

2. NS for NON-TIME SENSITIVE – Since PESONet transactions are done in batches, there is a cutoff period that has to be followed. All PESONet processes are done on weekdays, and attempts to use PESONet on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next banking day.

Yes, PESONet is safe and secure, which means one can use it as if he or she is transacting personally in a bank. However, it does come with very minor disadvantages. As long as there is no need for the funds to be received immediately, PESONet is the way to go. You may schedule your payments in advance and take note of your bank’s cut off hours.

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