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Philippine Payments Management Inc.

Data Privacy Policy

October 2019



Philippine Payment Management Inc. (PPMI) is committed to protect and respect personal and financial data privacy. PPMI abides by the law and corresponding rules and regulations under the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173).  PPMI endeavors to maintain the confidentiality of all personal and financial information it processes and manages.


PPMI is the payments system management body organized under the purview of the National Retail Payment Systems  Act (RA 11127) to manage risk and self regulates its members through the creation of rules, risk monitoring, auditing and compliance and the development of a clear overall regulatory framework.



PPMI as in institution does not usually process personal data under the retail payments process.   The individual banks in the process are responsible for the protection of the personal information of their clients.  PPMI’s collection of personal data is limited to assisting its member institution manage issues and resolving complaints from individual member’s clients.


PPMI manages and processes personal data within their normal company transactions and is limited to directors, employees, suppliers and other providers.



PPMI takes reasonable steps to protect managed and process personal information against unauthorized disclosure.  Access to personal and financial information is limited to PPMI authorized personnel and will not be shared with third parties, unless consent has been secured from the data subject or the sharing/submission of the personal and financial information has been required by existing laws and regulations. PPMI implements appropriate security measures to proper store collected information.  All personal and financial data are disposed or discarded in a secure manner. 



PPMI assures its compliance to RA10173.  A data subject who requires / needs to contact PPMI under the rules of the data privacy act, please contact us through our email or at (632) 8 813 6874.  For further reference, a data subject may also contact the National Privacy Commission (NPC). You may check for details.



The provisions of this Privacy Policy are effective this 6th day of December 2019, until revoked or amended by the PPMI Board accordingly.

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